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Coal seam gas could be a fracking disaster for our health.

The Conversation - May 2011

Coal seam gas is indeed a potential disaster if present attitudes and lack of regulatory control prevail. An important part of public health is to enact precautions based on potential impacts. The CSG industry may have hidden impacts on health that have not been assessed. What are the concerns? Read...

Coal seam gas: a sleight of hand?

ABC The Drum - April 2011

The potential for harm to human health from coal seam gas operations has become much more apparent with the release of a comprehensive report from the National Toxics Network (NTN). NTN calls for a moratorium on drilling and on ‘fracking’ chemicals until all chemicals have been fully assessed by the industrial chemicals regulator. Read...

The mining and burning of coal: effects on health and the environment. (with William M Castleden, George Crisp and Philip Finch)

Med J Aust 2011; 195 (6): 333-335

Australia’s coal conundrum is that all political parties say they are concerned about climate change while sanctioning an unprecedented expansion of coalmining and coal seam gas extraction in Australia. Read (PDF)...

Fears over gas drilling more than hot air.

ABC The Drum - Feb 2011

Last night's ABC Four Corners program on coal seam gas can be a first important step in reform to protect the public’s health. It raises the question of why an advanced wealthy country is so compelled to sacrifice the integrity of swathes of productive land for financial gain from exporting a resource which we don’t need for our own energy needs. Read...

Coal Ash and Mercury: why coal is a health hazard. (with Mariann Lloyd -Smith)

ABC The Drum - December 2011

With 15 new power stations planned or approved for Australia, the Prime Minister has assured us that we will "never again have a dirty power station built". Read...

Coal is a Health Hazard.

ABC The Drum - February 2010

Coal is an expensive form of energy. The costs of its pollution will be paid for by this and future generations. Its pollutants affect all major organs in the body and contribute to four of the five leading causes of mortality - heart disease, cancer, stroke, and chronic respiratory diseases. Read...

Climate change, is democracy enough?

On line Opinion - January 2008

Perhaps the most significant news last week on the climate change front was the announcement that plastic shopping bags will be banned in China in six months’ time. Let me analyse why this is so significant. Read...

Democracy and climate change: a story of failure.

Open Democracy - November 2007

It seems that some of the most perceptive brains in society have given up on an effective response to climate change. Stephen Hawking infers that mankind should colonise distant planets. James Lovelock thinks the remnants of humanity will seek refuge on the tropical shores of the Arctic. Read...

Kyoto: One tiny step for humanity.

On Line Opinion - March 2005

Last month has seen a celebration of the commencement of the Kyoto Agreement to reduce greenhouse emissions. It would be equally appropriate to have a wake for the past decade of argument needed to introduce this tiny step. Its target is a few per cent reduction compared to the scientific consensus of a 60 per cent reduction needed if greenhouse emissions are to be stabilised. Read...

Time and tide wait for no man.

British Medical Journal - 2002

Global warming presents a new hazard to human health. Recognising the predominant human mechanisms for our failure to address this problem may help in formulating strategies for action. Read...

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