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A healthy climate change battle.

Climate Spectator - July 2012

The tide of public opinion on climate change may be turning in the US with the impacts of massive drought, floods, storms and bushfires. A recent poll suggests so. Perhaps the removal of climate change from the realm of science to personal experience of physical and economic harm was always necessary for realisation. Read...

Fracking: A risk to health, and healthy returns.

Renew Economy - June 2012

There is now growing evidence of international investor concern over some health impacts of fracking in shale gas mining. An alliance of 200 institutions – which control more than $20 trillion of assets worldwide – is expressing concern over fugitive emission from gas mining and the potential impact on climate. Read...

Solar thermal can cure what ails Port Augusta.

Renew Economy - May 2012

There is an important public health message for power producers and governments. It is no longer appropriate to harm people by burning air polluting fossil fuels when there are healthy alternatives. Read...

A Titanic climate change challenge.

Climate Spectator - April 2012

When the Titanic began to sink, British chivalry held sway – women and children were ushered to the life boats first, although not those from the lower decks (‘the other classes’). Today the climate change Titanic has already struck the iceberg for the children in the developing world. These are the predominant deaths in the rapidly increasing toll reported by the World Health Organisation. Read...

Something in the air: time for independent testing in coal areas.

The Conversation - March 2012

Tens of thousands of Australians live and work close to coal-fired power plants. The cocktail of gaseous and particulate pollutants arising from coal power generation is injurious to human health. All are associated with an increased risk of heart attack and stroke in the days after exposure and subsequently with the development of chronic cardiopulmonary diseases. Read...

Energy White Paper: The true cost of backwards thinking. (with George Crisp).

Renew Economy - March 2012

The Draft Energy White Paper displays a grave misunderstanding of energy issues in the 21st century. Energy policies which, in the past century, brought us a new and healthier life, particularly in the Western nations, are now recognised as the fundamental cause of global changes that have to be arrested if civilisation is to prosper in the true sense of the word. Read...

Killing the Great Barrier Reef for short-term profit.

ABC The Drum - January 2012

If it comes to pass, will the Great Barrier Reef with all its beauty, tourism and fishing, be exchanged for short-term fossil-fuel profits, royalties and the temporary balancing of budgets? Read...

Health, mining reform needed for coal seam gas industry.

ABC The Drum - August 2011

Enough evidence has emerged at the Senate Inquiry into coal seam gas to merit significant reform orchestrated by the Federal Government. Read...

Hidden costs of the CSG rush (with Marion Carey).

Climate Spectator - July 2011

Coal seam gas mining (CSG) is developing rapidly in New South Wales and Queensland and is commencing in other states. The legal and administrative protections are inadequate to ensure that public health is not harmed and that environmental damage does not leave a legacy for generations. Read...

Health, coal and climate change.

Climate Spectator - June 2011

Coal mining, processing, transport, combustion and deposition of waste products all contribute to the release of fine particles, oxides of nitrogen, sulphur dioxide and heavy metals which damage the human body. There is no ‘safe’ level for fine particles. Read...

Giving climate change the right health treatment. (with George Crisp and David King)

Climate Spectator - May 2011

Leading public health organisations and the peer reviewed health literature have increasingly recognised the serious impacts for our health and quality of life should we fail to tackle climate change. Read (PDF)...

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